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Enrich Market Research which is a leading market research company which provides market research report and consulting services to clients around the globe. 

Enrich Market Research and its affiliates provide their services to our subject to the following conditions. If you visit or use the services at you accept these conditions. Please read them cautiously. Purchasing a report or placing an order by the individual (“you”) agree to the license terms and conditions of Enrich Market Research on his/her own or on behalf of the organization.

You agree to abide by these Terms of Use and they may be amended by Enrich Market Research when required, so keep visiting our website regularly.

The terms and condition pertaining to each transaction with us are those which are available on the website at the time that you place your order and it is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions before placing an order. The License terms and conditions shall stick to any of the research reports, survey data, segmentation, custom study and consulting among others accepted and delivered by Enrich Market Research.

You agree that by using the service you characterize that you are at least 18-years old and that you are legally able to enter into this agreement.

Information Use:

Personal: Enrich Market Research does not share any personal information with any third party without an agreement, except to offer services or when directed by the law. The enterprise can use this data to verify user identity in line with engagement introduced by the user. Anonymous: This information is solely used to evaluate company website and understand usage statistics, as stated above, no information, is gathered which will make the user personally recognizable. The company may share this data with its business partners on unspecified basis.

Electronics Communications

When you visit send e-mails to us, you are connecting with us electronically. You consent to receive communication from us by the same medium. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by publishing notice on the website. You agree that all agreements, disclosures, notice and other communications that we provide to you electronically fulfill any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.


Enrich Market Research holds the right to withdraw access to a product in case the full payment has not received by Enrich Market Research within the settled time. The Payment made is exclusive of sales, use or other taxes, duties, customs and other tariffs. Any payment payable or to any authority or jurisdiction whatsoever will be your sole responsibility. No refunds will be reimbursed in case of non use or partial use of any product and upgrade or downgrade refunds.

Software Use

From Time to time, the firm may make certain software data, documents and images available to you, within its website or services. This info or software is licensed to you by the company and is exclusively for internal use. The user, under no conditions, can reproduce, copy publish or upload this information without the written agreement of the company. If you download software from the website, the software including all files and images covered in or generated by the software, and accompanying data (collectively. “Software”) are considered to be licensed to you by the company, for your private, non commercial, home use only. All Trademarks and logos are possessed by company or its licensors and you may not copy or use them in any manner.

Intellectual Property

All content of Site or service are the exclusive intellectual property of Enrich Market Research, including copyrights, trademarks or any other form of intellectual property. Nothing limited on the site should be assumed as granting you a license to use any of the trademarks, logos service marks or owned by the company or by any third party. Terms of a license provided by the company are administered by the purchase and licensing agreement.

Inappropriate Content

You shall not make the following types of content available. You agree not to download, upload, display, transmit, perform, or otherwise distribute from the company website or its affiliates the following information:

Libelous defamatory, pornographic, obscene, abusive or threatening.

Advocated or promotes persuaded content that do or could start criminal offense, lead to civil liability, or otherwise disrupt any applicable local, state national or foreign laws.

Advertises or otherwise solicits funds or is a solicitation for products or services. Company reserves the right to terminate your transmission receipt, or other distribution of any such quantifiable using the website or our services.

Discounts and offers

All reports purchased under discounts and offers are enabled to post sales analyst hour’s support from Enrich Market Research team in order to help them expand their report proceeds. However, the number of analyst hour’s support depends on discretion of Enrich Market Research. Furthermore, in case of any customization or reformation request, Enrich Market Research is willing to help its clients in getting it resolved from our in-house research team. However, the payment cannot be considered in any circumstances in order to avoid data breach. Please check our return policy for further clarifications.


The usage the product/products must be in compliance with terms laid down under the license term. In relation to the usage of the product you are prohibited to alter, copy, adapt, disclose, publize, or in any way part with ownership of any information of Enrich Market Research which you possess as a result of these license terms. This compliance shall eliminate information which: you can prove was possessed by you at the same date it was received or obtained; or you have achieved from a third party having a sound legal standing.

User Acknowledgement

The user acknowledges that, by using this website or any of the business’s services, that he/she has read the terms of use and approves to be bound by them.


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